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Become the Limitless Version of Yourself Through Self Discovery

In recent years, the need for a life coach across the USA has increased from all walks of life especially after surviving COVID-19, for wellness purposes. As an experienced Life Coach I know and understand that navigating through life personally and professionally is not an easy task for anyone! Therefore, seeking the best support and finding the Best Wellness Coach in Atlanta to get through this journey called life by finding the answers to questions that are on your mind. My name is Marie Conte, and as a Corporate Wellness Life Coach, I have supported people to solve problems and take steps toward their goals through spiritual healing and development because all changes start from oneself.

Let's begin by first understanding the impact of a Corporate Wellness Life Coach in Atlanta.

At Marie Conte Inc as a Corporate Wellness Life Coach, I interact with the employees of a corporate setting to support them in maintaining and improving their health and wellness goals. The employee is guided and advised on how to make better choices based on their lifestyle. The primary goal is to improve their health, help them heal spiritually, reduce their stress and anxiety and promote a better work-life balance. We work with your organization's employees to educate, guide, and counsel them using various techniques, from keeping a journal to mindfulness training to spiritual development and yoga, which positively impact your organizational culture. 

The general outcome observed through Corporate Wellness Life Coaching, Atlanta, is that it helps people establish a true and solid foundation of who they are and who they are meant to be! Isn't that a deep thought that will help you spiritually too?

Our clients go through a coaching process that involves:

  • Identifying your wellness needs and goals.

  • Exploring your motivations.

  • Identifying your potential obstacles and challenges.

  • Discovering your capabilities and resources.

Moreover, the Corporate Wellness Life Coach with us helps your employees formulate clear and attainable plans to reach their goals.

What makes Coaching by Marie Conte exclusive?

We consider ourselves at Marie Conte- The Best Wellness Coach in Atlanta because we, as life coaches, understand that wellness is holistic. Factors like stress, relationship issues, emotions, and financial challenges can derail our efforts to live our best lives. Hence, the coaching is holistic and involves spiritual healing too.

Get in touch with us for a consultation, and we would be happy to support you.



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