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Wellness Coaching Programs

Wellness addresses the health of the entire human being


As humans we've mostly concentrated on the physical matters. In recent decades we've put more emphasis on mental health. Finally gaining the awareness, the consciousness and the motivation for healing/ therapy.

Unfortunately, the most important yet the least respected part of us - The Spirit is starved, neglected and abused. As we live our daily lives, we struggle with the most simple of task such as LOVE, because we are unfamiliar with spiritual matters.

Knowledge is Power. Power is the ability to access anything at anytime anywhere. Therefore let us empower another by pouring into our spirit the nutrients it needs to thrive.

But first let's get educated. Let's start there. As an entrepreneur and a business owner I understand systems and progress reports. I have designed wellness programs for all walks of life with a niche in spirituality. Spirituality is the lifestyle thereof; Therefore we must hold ourselves accountable and of higher standards.

I, Marie Conte, have been practicing and providing Spiritual Coaching Service in Atlanta, GA to many professionals and regular people often times coming across the question, 'How do I become the best version of myself? The answer is simple. "Re-Programming" The fact is that each of you out there can benefit hugely from spiritual coaching services by....

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